BBQ Dragon | Rolling Grill Basket | Food Grade Stainless Steel Grilling Basket

BBQ Dragon | Rolling Grill Basket | Food Grade Stainless Steel Grilling Basket

BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket


The BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket is a must-have grilling accessory for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. Made from food-grade stainless steel, this high-quality grill basket is designed to make your grilling experience easier and your food taste better. With its large capacity and innovative rolling design, it allows you to grill a variety of foods, including vegetables, shrimp, fish, and chicken wings, with ease.

Main Features

No More Flipping By Hand

Say goodbye to the hassle of flipping each morsel by hand or worrying about food falling through the grates. The BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket eliminates these problems, making grilling a breeze. Simply load the basket full, click it shut, and roll it using heat-resistant gloves or tongs.

Large Capacity BBQ Accessory

With its large capacity, this grill basket can hold more veggies or fish than other baskets while taking up less space on the grill. Its cylindrical design allows for roasting or grilling massive amounts of your favorite foods, making it perfect for BBQ parties, events, or camping. With one roll, all your food flips at the same time, taking your grilling experience to the next level.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

The BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket is built to last. Made with food-grade quality stainless steel, it ensures durability and longevity. The snap-shut lid keeps your food secure while grilling, and the basket can be used on smokers, gas, or charcoal grills. Plus, it is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, making your post-grilling routine a breeze.

Make All Your Favorite Foods

This one-of-a-kind rolling grill basket allows you to make all your favorite foods with ease. Whether you want to grill asparagus, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, sliced peaches, onions, peppers, or any variety of delicious meats or veggies, this grill basket has got you covered. Its innovative design and functionality make grilling or smoking any food a simple and enjoyable task.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket dishwasher safe?

A: Yes, the grill basket is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Q: Can I use the grill basket on different types of grills?

A: Absolutely! The BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket can be used on smokers, gas grills, or charcoal grills.

Q: What is the size of the grill basket?

A: The grill basket measures 13.5 inches in diameter and 5.6 inches in height, providing ample space for your favorite foods.

Q: Does the grill basket come with a satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes, all BBQ Dragon products, including the Rolling Grill Basket, come with a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply reach out to us, and we will send you a new product or refund your money.


Elevate your grilling experience with the BBQ Dragon Rolling Grill Basket. Its innovative design, large capacity, and heavy-duty stainless steel construction make it the perfect grilling accessory for cooking a variety of foods. Say goodbye to flipping by hand and enjoy hassle-free grilling with this easy-to-use and dishwasher-safe grill basket. Order yours today and take your outdoor cooking to the next level!

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