Kuumba Made Fragrances – Amber & Sandalwood

Kuumba Made Fragrances – Amber & Sandalwood

Kuumba Made Fragrances – Amber & Sandalwood


Experience the enchanting blend of Amber & Sandalwood with Kuumba Made Fragrances. This 1/2oz (14.79ml) fragrance is meticulously crafted to provide a captivating and long-lasting scent. Whether you’re looking for a signature fragrance or a unique gift, Kuumba Made Fragrances is the perfect choice.

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Unleash your senses with the irresistible aroma of Amber & Sandalwood. This fragrance combines the warm and earthy notes of amber with the woody and exotic scent of sandalwood, creating a harmonious blend that is both captivating and alluring.

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Indulge in the rich and sensual fragrance of Kuumba Made Amber & Sandalwood. The 1/2oz (14.79ml) bottle is perfectly sized for on-the-go use, allowing you to carry your favorite scent wherever you go. Its compact design makes it ideal for travel or for keeping in your purse or pocket.

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Experience the long-lasting and captivating scent of Kuumba Made Fragrances. The carefully selected ingredients ensure that the fragrance lingers on your skin for hours, providing a delightful and memorable olfactory experience. Let the enchanting aroma of Amber & Sandalwood transport you to a world of elegance and sophistication.

Discover the captivating scent of Kuumba Made Fragrances in Amber & Sandalwood. This 1/2oz (14.79ml) fragrance is perfect for those seeking a unique and alluring aroma.