Muscle Mac – Protein-Packed Mac & Cheese

Muscle Mac – Protein-Packed Mac & Cheese

Muscle Mac – Protein-Packed Mac & Cheese


Muscle Mac Macaroni and Cheese Dinner with Real Cheese is a protein-packed Mac & Cheese that you won’t find every day. Made with real cheddar cheese, this decadent and creamy dish is designed for those with an active lifestyle who need a balanced, performance nutritional meal ready in minutes. Enjoy guilt-free comfort food for the whole family with Muscle Mac, as it contains no artificial flavors or dyes and boasts 20g of protein per serving.

Performance Nutrition for Active Lifestyles

Muscle Mac is a high protein Mac & Cheese made from REAL CHEESE with no artificial colors or flavoring. Each serving provides 20g of vegetable protein, making it the perfect choice for fueling your active lifestyle and satisfying all your Mac & Cheese cravings. Enjoy a protein-packed and tasty meal ready in minutes!

Why Muscle Mac?

One serving of Muscle Mac provides over 40% of the daily recommended protein value for adults, helping fuel your muscle growth and recovery. With a good balance of protein and carbohydrates, Muscle Mac keeps you energized and is the right choice for your pre and post-activity meal.

Ready in Minutes

Preparing Muscle Mac is quick and easy. Simply add water to the fill line in the cup, making sure to stir thoroughly to mix the anti-boil over powder in. Microwave the cup, uncovered, for 3 ½ minutes. Then, stir in the cheese sauce and mix until well blended. For a creamier and thicker cheese, add 1 tbsp of water. Enjoy the great taste of real cheddar cheese for an easy and satisfying meal that keeps you going throughout the day.

Support a Great Cause

A portion of every sale of Muscle Mac goes to support the National Autism Association (NAA). The NAA provides advocacy, research, education, safety tips, and a wealth of other benefits to those dealing with Autism in their lives or the lives of a loved one. We are proud to partner with them in support of their important mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much protein does Muscle Mac contain?

Muscle Mac contains 20g of protein per serving, which is over 40% of the daily recommended protein value for adults.

2. Is Muscle Mac suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Muscle Mac is suitable for vegetarians as it is made from vegetable protein and contains no meat or animal by-products.

3. Does Muscle Mac contain any artificial flavors or dyes?

No, Muscle Mac does not contain any artificial flavors or dyes. It is made with real cheddar cheese for an authentic and delicious taste.

4. How long does it take to prepare Muscle Mac?

Muscle Mac is ready in just a few minutes. Simply add water, microwave, and stir in the cheese sauce. It’s a quick and convenient meal option for busy individuals.

5. Can I make Muscle Mac creamier?

Absolutely! If you prefer a creamier texture, you can add 1 tbsp of water to the cheese sauce. This will give your Muscle Mac a thicker and more indulgent consistency.

Experience the protein-packed goodness of Muscle Mac today and indulge in a delicious Mac & Cheese made from real cheese. Fuel your active lifestyle, support a great cause, and enjoy a quick and satisfying meal that the whole family will love.