The Home Talk Quilt Bed Blanket

The Home Talk Quilt Bed Blanket

The Home Talk Quilt Bed Blanket

Update your bedroom with this luxurious quilt. This quilt features a soft fabric. With a vibrant print fabric that reverses to a warm color, this quilt is bold enough to attract plenty of attention but can be styled to have just a touch of pattern showing for visual interest. Machine washable, it is nice enough for your bedroom and durable enough for many winter seasons.

Soft Blankets

The Home Talk Store brings an exciting collection of Full-Size Quilts to add a touch of comfort to your bedroom. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style when you can wear these luxurious home pieces that are oh-so-cosy to your skin and aesthetically pleasing. Whether it’s you or your kid snuggled in, Rest assured that our blankets would be perfect for those chilly nights or outings to have some warmth!

Luxuriously Soft

Home Talk Store offers a wide range of luxurious blankets made of the softest microfiber materials suitable for your heavy winter conditions. Expertly crafted with incredible quality microfiber and embossed that provide a feel of remarkable softness and exceptional durability. Clever craftsmanship results in the blanket is thick and reversible; the extra insulation helps add some extra warmth which makes the blanket cover warm during those chilly nights!

Lovely Features

The Double Embossed Comforters have attractive features to obtain a lovely product. The Exquisite materials used make the blankets anti-pilling, wrinkle-free and hypoallergenic, which is extremely useful when you are someone prone to allergies. Lovely duvets come with a weight of 5kg, with one side plain and the other design. With multiple variations, they are large enough to drape you with luxury and softness.

Delightful Colors and Maintenance

The Plushful Collection of Embossed Quilts comes with vibrant and delightful colours to give you some valuable choices to consider and buy the colour that suits your needs perfectly. These Bed Covers don’t need a rigorous washing cycle to maintain their charm; just machine wash on cold and tumble dry on low. You won’t have to worry about colours fading even after multiple usages. You’ll have your product as good as new with every wash.

Trust The Home Talk

Home Talk Store is dedicated to providing customer fulfilment and will continuously strive to improve our products based on customer feedback. We take this top priority very seriously, as we don’t take our customers for granted. Therefore, any Product Feedback provided would help us further enhance our products. Therefore, if you have any issues with our product, please get in touch to resolve your problems efficiently.